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What is your core? Your core consists of the muscles surrounding the spine (front to back) and your pelvic floor. Everything you do depends on a strong core to hold you upright.  

Though crunches are one of the most popular core exercises, they are also one of the worst if you want to build balanced core strength. They only work the ‘six-pack muscle’ or rectus abdominis. According to chiropractic sports physician, Dr. Mike Prebeg, “an over dominant rectus abdominis will cause spinal compression and cause multifidus inhibition which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve when your goal is to decrease back pain.” 

Essentially, crunches turn off the muscles that keep the spine stable and wear down the cushions between your vertebrae.  

Improper core training can also make your posture worse. If you’re already hunched from sitting at a desk, driving too long, or lifting kids, crunches can make you appear shorter, as they don’t train you how to effectively use your core muscles throughout the day. 

The following exercises won’t just help you build a strong core, they will help change your posture, shrink your waist (by working your internal corset muscles) and change the energy you give off, “I feel good about myself and I’m ready for anything you might throw at me.”   

Let’s get started. You can do the following series of exercises every day if you like. If they become too easy try the harder options to make sure your body stays in a state of continuous improvement. Complete 2 – 3 sets of this core circuit depending on your fitness level.

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