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Why not use Valentine's Day to do something together that will strengthen your bond, your bodies and rev up your libido?  According to Martica Heaner, a Manhattan-based exercise physiologist and nutritionist, “Studies have shown that regular exercisers report a higher sex drive.”
I spoke with Melissa Altro and Aaron Stern, a source of inspiration for me, in their commitment to staying healthy for the rest of their lives together.       
Do you have any secrets for keeping the love and passion alive in your relationship?
We make a conscious effort to turn off all electrical devices at a certain point every night and just be with each other.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously and just laugh at each other's silly antics. 
What do you like and dislike about working out together?
Melissa: I admire Aaron's stamina and commitment when he works out, but on the other hand, I think he can be a little too intense and becomes like a soldier recruit in training. When I work out on my own, I find myself more calm and able to quiet my busy mind. 
Aaron:  I like having someone to hold me accountable for going to the gym and the idea of creating a healthy partnership with my wife.  The only drawback is that Melissa likes to chit-chat when she works out whereas I tend to get 'in the zone' so our workout styles clash a little bit.  
What do you both do for work and how does this impact your relationship?
Melissa: I am a voice actor and the creator of www.voiceprostudio.ca where I teach people how to act like cartoon characters. I love what I do and Aaron is such a strong supporter. 
Aaron: I am an actor as well.  I work in theatre and travel quite a bit.  Being long distance from each other is one of the challenges of this work, and it can be tough to be so far away from each other.  That being said, the distance also provides an opportunity to refocus on yourself and your personal goals so that you will be that much stronger together when you reunite.  
So here’s a quickie workout Aaron and Melissa did together.  Repeat the following circuit 2-3 times and then crawl into an epsoms salts bath together and voila!  There’s a perfect Valentines Day in my books ;)

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