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Kraft to Remove Artificial Dyes from Mac & Cheese

Nov 4, 2013 at 6:30 PM Chime in now


Kraft Dinner is about to get a bit healthier.

Macaroni and cheese is every busy parent’s go-to meal for kids (and has been since we were kids!). We might supplement a bit of ‘real’ cheese to amp up the nutritional factor, but as consumers get more savvy about chemicals and transfats, the classic orange colour of Kraft Dinner is starting to seem like a blast from the chemical past.

Which is why, I imagine, nearly 350,000 people signed petition on change.org , asking that the company stop putting Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 in their products. The colouring, also known as Tartazine, is believed to be a carcinogen, with some studies linking it to allergies and hyperactivity in children.

This week, the company has announced that it will remove the artificial colouring from all kids-oriented products, such as Spongebob Squarepants and other novelty products, although they say the changes are not a hreaction to the petition. The company adds that it plans to replace the artificial dyes with spices such as paprika for colouring, and will include six more grams of whole grains, less sodium and saturated fat in the kids-oriented products.

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