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No Bake Gingerbread Cookie Cottages

Nov 20, 2012 at 5:39 PM Chime in now

Gingerbread cookie cottages are no-bake easy Christmas crafts with this template. Forgo the time-intensive making of a gingerbread house this year and instead put together a sweet and simple "candy cottage".  Using graham crackers, cake icing and a few simple sweet treats you’ll be able to assemble an entire village in the time it would take you to make one spicy dwelling.


No-Bake Candy Cottages

You'll need:
7 square graham crackers
2 rectangular graham crackers
Royal icing (store-bought or homemade)
Vanilla frosting
Assorted gumballs and candies, edible snowflakes and gold sanding sugar
Piping bags
Small round tip
Small star tip
Cake stand or small plate
Newspaper or vinyl tablecloth
1. Using a vinyl tablecloth or newspaper, cover the work surface.
2. Set out candies in small bowls.  Fill two piping bags: one with the royal icing and one with 1 cup of the vanilla frosting.  Attach a small star tip to the bag with the frosting and a small round tip to the bag with the royal icing.  Alternatively, use a Ziplock freezer bag for the royal icing and snip 1/4” off one of the bottom corners of the bag.
3. Using the royal icing as glue, attach four of the square graham crackers together to form a square shape.
4. Take the remaining two graham crackers and saw off the top corners of each cracker in order to create a gable.
5. Glue one gable to the top of one of the crackers in the square.
6. Glue the other gable to the opposite end of the square.  You have now formed the front and back sides of the cottage.
7. Put frosting on the corners of the two rectangular graham crackers and place the crackers on the sides of the gables to create a roof.
8. Let the house dry for 15 minutes.
9. Once the house is completely dry, spread the remaining vanilla icing over the top of the cottage to create a snow covered roof.  Cover with gold sanding sugar for glittery effect.
10. Using small candies, decorate the top and/or side of the roof.
11. To make a door break a piece of the last graham crackers into two pieces and glue one piece to the front of the house.  Attach a small candy for the doorknob.
12. Cover a mini cake stand or small plate with coconut (snow) and top it with the candy cottage.

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