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Gingerbread House Template and Recipe

Dec 11, 2011 at 4:26 PM Chime in now

Gingerbread House by Jan Scott

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to stay indoors and make a holiday gingerbread house.  Using homemade or store-bought pieces, assemble and decorate a cozy candy shack for eating and/or displaying.

iVillage Gingerbread House
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500ml white royal icing
Pink candy melts (approx. 100 pieces)
Red and white gummy candies
2 small candy canes
Red M&M’s
Candy cane Hershey’s Kisses
Red and white gumballs
Red, white and pink candy sticks
Small red candy
Snowflake sprinkles
Powdered sugar
1 graham cracker
1. Make the gingerbread as per the recipe directions.
2. Download or print the gingerbread house templates here. Alternatively, you can cut templates for the sides/roof/base to the following sizes:
Roof (2): 7" x 5"
Side Walls (2): 4" x 6"
Front/Back (2): 4" x 4"x 7" (at the highest peak)
3. Bake and assemble the pieces as per the instructions, and allow to cool completely before using.  It’s usually best to bake a day or two before decorating.
4. Once the house is constructed, decorate the roof by affixing pink candy melts to the top in a layered pattern to create the roof shingles.  Allow the candy to dry completely.
4. Using a small pastry brush, or your fingers, rub a small amount of water over the candy and sprinkle the roof with coarse sugar to mimic frost/snow.  Fill in any gaps between the candy pieces with the sugar and be sure to cover each piece of candy with a little of the sugar coating.  Allow to dry.
5. Using a piping bag fitted with a small round tip and filled with the royal icing, pipe window outlines on all four sides of the house: 2 on each side, 2 in front and 1 at the back.  Partially fill the windows with “snowdrifts”.  Allow to dry.
6. Affix one pink candy melt to the middle of the top of the front side.  Add a small snowflake in the middle of the candy. 
7. Using the royal icing, pipe an outline for a rounded door in the middle of the front piece.  Attach snowflake sprinkles to the icing and a small red candy for the door handle.
8. Attach candy canes to the front of the house on either side of the door using a little of the royal icing.
9. Line both sides of the front of the house with red M&M’s and attach them with the icing.  
10. Place the gingerbread house on a white or silver platter covered with powdered sugar to make a snowy effect.  Create a walkway by lining a path from the front door to the edge of the platter with candy cane kisses.
11. Attach a star tip to the piping bag with the royal icing and pipe stars along the edge of the front of the roof.
12. Using a graham cracker, gumball and candy stick make a welcome sign to place in the snow beside the house.

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