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Chocolate Milk Ice Pops

Jul 26, 2011 at 10:44 AM Chime in now

Easy homemade chocolate popsicles

missfit: Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

By REBECCA BURSTEIN, sweetspot.ca

Nothing screams summer like the surplus of icy cool treats. Since this one seems to be an exceptional scorcher – stepping outside during last week’s heat wave felt like breathing in hot yoga! – I’ve been looking for the best licks to beat the heat.

Right now, I’m loving homemade ice pops as a refreshing post-workout (and post-dinner!) treat. Popsicles are ridiculously easy to make (plus much healthier than the sugar stacked, artificially-coloured variety sold at the grocery store!), and can be created in just about any flavour you crave.

This recipe for chocolate milk ice pops is so easy, it has quickly become a summer staple for my entire family. Freeze your own batch for optimal muscle recovery (studies show that downing a glass of chocolate milk after exercise is one of the best ways to refuel your bod!) – not to mention taste bud satisfaction – after your next sweat session:

Chocolate Milk Ice Pops

You need:
Low-fat chocolate milk
Popsicle molds

1. Pour chocolate milk into popsicle molds, stopping at least half an inch from the top.
2. Place tray of molds into freezer for 4-5 hours, or until completely frozen.
3. Remove from freezer and place under hot water to loosen. Gently wiggle sticks to pull popsicles out. Enjoy!

Sweet tip: No popsicle molds in sight? Grab any mini jars you have lying around (think soy sauce takeout or empty yogurt containers) and add popsicle sticks into the mixture about halfway through freezing.

Effortlessly delicious, these ice pops are the perfect way to chill out.

What mix will you try?

About Rebecca Burstein: This French Fry fiend is slowly realizing that skinny doesn't equal healthy. Join Rebecca as she attempts to get her act together, clean up her life, and break her unhealthy habits (minus a French Fry or two along the way!) on her blog Missfit: Confessions of a Health Newbie.

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