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Week In Review: Avril's 'Racist' Video, Jodie Foster Got Married, Pets Feel Love!

Apr 24, 2014 at 6:07 PM Chime in now

Week In Review: Avril's 'Racist' Video, Jodie Foster Got Married, Pets Feel Love


We’ve always said the best way to celebrate good weather is to be a real know-it-all who interrupts everyone at brunch with cool facts. Use these cool facts and fun stories from the past week to do just that! (PS: Get the smoked salmon eggs benny -- I hear it’s divine!)

It’s better to be a woman in Montreal than in Vancouver
A policy study released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives revealed the best places in Canada to be a woman. The study took into account “how men and women are faring in five areas: economic security, leadership, health, personal security, and education.” The best place? Quebec City. The worst? Edmonton.

Your pets can feel love! (Yes, even cats!)
When someone makes you feel loved, the chemical oxytocin is produced in your brain. Professor of economics at Claremont Graduate University Paul Zak studied the appearance of the chemical in animals’ brains after interspecies play. The man studied animal friendships for cuteness sakes! And what did he find? Just like humans, various dog species and even a goat had a major increase in oxytocin after playing together. Which, to be honest, just confirms my notion that cats are merely withholding their love to make me feel bad about myself.

Avril Lavigne is still making “music”
It’s possible you missed the new video for Avril Lavigne’s song “Hello Kitty” -- it was pulled the very same day it appeared on YouTube (apparently, it was not supposed to be officially released yet). The song, full of such lyrical gems as “Let’s all slumber party/ Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties/ Someone chuck a cupcake at me,” is not her best work. You have to see it to believe it (though many people are calling it racist, so it may just stay buried).

Jodie Foster married her girlfriend
The Oscar-winning actress tied the knot with her partner Alexandra Hedison last weekend. Foster has two children with former long-time partner Cydney Bernard. Small world fact: Hedison is Ellen DeGeneres’ former girlfriend!

Apple makes, like, so much money
Maybe you’ve heard of Apple? They only make, oh, the iPhone, the Macbook and freaking iTunes. Anyway, expectations were low for this quarter’s earnings, and boy were those predictions wrong. The company’s revenue in the second quarter was a staggering US$45.7-billion. More than half of that revenue came from iPhone sales, so Apple should be thanking all of us walking around with cracked screens.

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