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Week In Review: Aging Begins At 24, We Taste Food With Our Eyes & Chivalry Is Back

Apr 16, 2014 at 3:46 PM Chime in now

Week In Review: Aging Begins @ 24, We Taste Food With Our Eyes & Chivalry's Back


Another week of combing the Internet for its hidden gems has turned up a veritable cornucopia of fun tidbits. Reserve these for your annual Spring BBQ -- you’ll be the life of the party. (Unless it snows again…)

We taste food with our eyes first
When your brain sees the colour of the food you’re about to ingest, it mentally prepares you for what that food will taste like. "And those expectations tend to be a very powerful determinant of what we actually experience,” says Charles Spence, an Oxford psychologist. That means unexpected food colour can gross us out. Come to think of it, I do remember being grossed out by Heinz’s ill-fated attempt to sell purple ketchup…

You too can dance like Beyonce (or you can at least watch this guy do a great job of it)
Be(y) honest with yourself: ever since “Single Ladies” came out you’ve been meaning to learn to get down like Mrs. Carter. But you never got around to it, did you? Let Chris Koo be your inspiration. His dance cover of “Crazy in Love,” will make you believe in love again.

Life starts at 50, but aging starts at 24
A Canadian study looking at 3,305 volunteers between the ages of 16 and 44 found that decision-making time begins to lag much sooner than expected. While 24 was the absolute earliest they began to see a decline in function, this still doesn’t seem like good news for the generation (my generation) that already has its nose buried in a smartphone 22 hours of the day.

Chivalry is back
The “new chivalry movement” is an apparent “growing online community of men who advocate not only buying a woman spaghetti, but pulling out her chair, and standing when she leaves the table.” Some call this misogyny-redux, others call it a welcome change from the cheap slobs of Tinder. I’m going to think about it while I order another drink...your treat, right?

Pharrell crying + Oprah = chocolate for your ovaries
Look how cute he is with his feelings! Hat or no hat, Pharrell proves he’s a man who isn’t afraid to display his emotions to the world. That’s something we can all be happy about!

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