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Week In Review: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Rocks Rolling Stone Naked & The Pope Hires A Dove Hunter

Apr 10, 2014 at 8:25 AM Chime in now

Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks hot (and is naked!) on the cover of Rolling Stone!


The sun is finally shining, which makes it all the more difficult to stay in and read. But if you’re an indoor kid, or if you have some kind of glare-protection spray on your phone, dig into these tidbits of the week! And don’t forget the sunscreen...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks great naked
The Seinfeld star is 53 and on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine this month -- in the buff. If that’s not enough of a win for 50+ women everywhere, when asked about the nudie photoshoot she said she couldn’t recall because she was “in a drunken stupor.” Score one for RoFo.

In the U.S. there are 10 times more mentally ill people in jail than in hospitals
These stats come from a 2012 report that states there were “356,268 inmates with severe mental illnesses in prisons and jails, while only 35,000 people with the same diseases were in state psychiatric hospitals.” Seems like just another sign that mental health should be prioritized down south.

Imogene Heap is bringing music production into the future
Hand-talkers, rejoice! The “Hide and Seek” singer has developed “electronic gloves that allow people to interact with their computer remotely via hand gestures.” Watch the video to get a glimpse of what DJs of the future might look like when there are no more laptops to crouch over.

The Pope has hired a hawk to be on his security team
Well... Actually... The hawk is there to protect the pope’s holy doves. Which makes just as much sense. The hawk is named Sylvia. And Sylvia is all about saving those innocent, white birds. Dove hunters, stay outta the Vatican.

Amanda Bynes says she’s not schizophrenic
And, you know what? I believe her. People throw that term around a lot to describe any kind of erratic behaviour and that’s not cool. Good news is, she’s still taking part in treatment. Get it, Sydney White.

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