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'Americas Next Top Model' Season 17 Premieres

Sep 15, 2011 at 10:26 AM Chime in now

Americas Next Top Model



For season 17 Tyra is bringing back 14 fan favourites from past cycles for “The All-Star Cycle”. Her goal this season is “to find someone who can be a name”. We quickly learn just what she means as it becomes clear that the girls won’t just be judged on their modeling, but on their star power. 

The first photo shoot, with photographer Celeste Canino, is set in the backyard of the girls' mansion where they are styled as larger than life versions of their personas. The drama starts immediately as Bianca is furious when she is given bright red hair extensions. Kayla takes wearing a rainbow flag dress in stride, Isis rocks a bikini, and Shannon refuses to wear lace underwear over her bathing suit. 
The first ever live judging panel takes place at LA Life with guest judge Nicki Minaj. Surprisingly, Tyra is even more obnoxious than usual and appears to be wearing a bucket on her head. Sexy model/photographer Nigel Barker is back, and this time he has hair -- I prefer him with a shaved head. André Leon Tally also returns. Start your “dreckitude” drinking games NOW.
The girls are called out individually and have to walk down a runway to the judges' table. Isis got the biggest cheers, while Alexandria got booed. I almost felt sorry for her, and then I remembered how irritating she is. While the judges met to review the girls’ photos, the fans were interviewed to find out who their favourite models were. 
Best photo of the week went to Isis, and the bottom two models were Brittany and Alexandria. As it turns out, none of the fans interviewed remembered Brittany. Of course, everyone remembered Alexandria, who fans seem to love to hate. Brittany was sent home for not being memorable enough. I would have sent her home for looking like she’d been rode hard and put away wet. I think her partying is catching up with her. 
Tune in next Wednesday to find out which All-Stars will be on the chopping block.

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