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What Shocked Everyone on 'The Bachelor Canada' Final Rose?

Nov 22, 2012 at 10:59 AM Chime in now

The Bachelor Canada spoilers


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TEAM BIANKA! How many of you were thrilled that Brad proposed to Bianka (and not Whitney)? With Bianka, he had to chase her and he didn’t even think she liked him in the beginning, but she was the one who was honest and called him out when she needed to.
Even on the best day, it’s nerve-wracking to meet your boyfriend’s family. So it’s easy to sympathize with both ladies for being put under the microscope. But seriously, my favourite person is Brad’s sister, Ashley. She’s a BS-sniffing, to-the-point, tell-you-like-it-is type of girl. She assessed both women quite accurately in a short period of time. Sure, she had a lot invested because she wants the best for her brother, but she wasn’t afraid to ask pointed questions and one (Bianka) fared much better than the other (Whitney). In fact, watching Whitney squirm and stay mum when Brad’s family questioned her was incredibly uncomfortable. It actually made me anxious wondering, “Where are your words? Are you going to say anything?”
Let’s be honest, Whitney set the bar low for Bianka’s day with Brad’s family. Again, loved Brad’s sister for confronting Bianka to ask if she’s just telling them what they want to hear. But then it became obvious that Brad’s family warmed up to Bianka because she was more open to them.
So let’s discuss the most surprising and awkward moment of last night’s Final Rose episode. That conversation between Brad and Whitney where he told her they were just not right for each other and she. kept. walking. away. Excuse me? He was trying to have an adult conversation with her but she closed the door – then asked him to respect her. But…isn’t that what he was doing? It was confusing at best.
This perhaps helped reaffirm to Brad that he did indeed choose the right woman. And the emotional proposal was a tear-jerker (for him and for viewers). I’m thrilled they are together and it’s not over yet! Tune in to the After The Final Rose special next week when we catch up with the happy couple.

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