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Bachelor Canada Week 5: Was Brad a Hometown Hero?

Nov 1, 2012 at 10:01 AM Chime in now

The Bachelor Canada spoilers


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It was going to happen at some point – the choice between Gabrielle or Whitney – and tonight was the night. After their great date together, I was surprised Gabrielle left without a rose. I mean, they played BINGO! And I loved seeing a less catty side to Gabrielle – my jaw may have dropped a little when she said she volunteers twice a week at the Seniors’ Centre. As much as I’ve enjoyed her on the show for her candidness and snark, the softer side was nice – for one episode at least.
This next one might shock you: while I don’t think Whitney is the best choice for Brad, I thought she was cute on her hometown date with him. Before the awkward family dinner I mean. Outside of the house and without the other girls around to compete with – I think we saw a more fun, laid-back Whitney. Not someone who is out to “win”. But…let’s get back to that awkward dinner. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but answering her father’s questions about whether she and Brad are the perfect match. She didn’t really seem to put Brad’s concerns to rest. He really wants her to verbalize her feelings and it’s tough for her to do. But. He. Gave. Her. A. Rose.
Let’s get to the other dates – and it’s worth noting that all went well. Brad seemed to win over all the families. Even though Bianka still has her guard up a little – I think her humour is perfect for Brad. And they have the same favourite ice cream flavour. That’s fate right there, isn’t it? I also love how she pulled off the perfect prank. Come on, pretending her family doesn’t speak English? The look on Brad’s face when he didn’t understand what was going on was priceless.
Kara is sweet and lovely but I’m starting to fear she’s not standing out enough. I’d like to see Kara and Bianka in the final two but I’m starting to think it might be between Bianka and Whitney. Who are you rooting for?

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Chime in

  • mickimarlene replied 3 years ago

    I hope he doesn't choose Whitney. She is all wrong for him! I could see him with Bianca or Kara.

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  • anemarie5 replied 3 years ago

    I hope, Kara wins, any one but..Whitney

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