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'Bachelor Canada' Week 4: The Most Emotional Episode So Far

Oct 25, 2012 at 9:55 AM Chime in now

Bachelor Canada spoilers


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Kara, Whitney, Gabrielle and Bianka. Those are the fabulous four left in the mansion after tonight’s emotional episode. I actually didn’t think Whitney would make it this far. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t think Gabrielle would either.
Let’s talk about those dates. The four-on-one date with the LOULOU magazine photo shoot would have been a blast. What girl wouldn’t love to have her hair and makeup professionally done to look like a supermodel? Well, besides Britany who almost couldn’t enjoy the experience when insecurity virus hit her as well. It’s bound to happen in a house with other stunning women who are all after the same guy. Unless you are extremely confident (like Whitney), you’re likely going to compare yourself to the other girls at some point. Also, I’d like to know how many times we heard Britany say she’s from a small town.
That dreaded two-on-one date in Paris with Laura B. and Bianka actually made me feel embarrassed for Laura B. When Brad had them meet on a bridge and then he and Bianka rode off together in a horse and buggy, leaving poor Laura B. to digest the news that she didn’t get a rose, I cringed. I cringed because she probably wanted to cry and yet she’s left to walk in her long, formal dress as the happy couple rode off together. Ouch.
How many of you were hoping and wishing that Chantelle would get the solo date with Brad? And Whitney! Breaking the rules to see Brad at his place – and did you catch her parting words? “I better get that one-on-one date.” Classy. And weirdly threatening. But who am I to judge when it obviously worked because she DID get the date. So, hey, she’s in it to win and she’s working it. I can’t fault her for that.
It was nice to see all the girls show some emotion when Chantelle had to leave the house because her grandfather had died. I was definitely sad to see her leave the show.
Next week is the hometown dates and we’ll see how Brad fares with everyone’s families. It’s getting serious.

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