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Brad Meets the Parents on 'The Bachelor Canada' Tonight. How Will it Go?

Oct 31, 2012 at 11:37 AM Chime in now

The Bachelor Canada spoilers


The Bachelor Canada airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm ET/PT on Citytv. Don't forget to follow @bachelorCA during the show for our insider @PayChen's best Tweets. Plus, get the FREE interactive 'Bachelor Canada' App, with live viewing chats, virtual rose ceremonies and a fantasy pool (BlackBerry® App World™) (iTunes.ca).

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There’s no place like home, and that’s where our final four bachelorettes are taking Brad this week. Many of you were surprised during last week’s episode to find out that hometown dates were happening so soon. But our Bachelor is serious about this process and has also been sending more girls home than he needs to so that he can spend time with the girls he really wants to get to know.
In tonight’s episode we’ll see how Brad does when he visits the families of Kara, Whitney, Gabrielle and Bianka. Brad still has some concerns and questions when it comes to a few of the women. Bianka hasn’t opened up to him as quickly as some of the other girls and he’s been wanting to see Whitney’s softer side. Will he be able to answer his questions tonight?
Out of the four that remain, I think Whitney has the fewest fans – will we get to see a different side of her when she’s not feeling competitive around the other girls? Also, one of the bachelorettes has parents who had a quick courting period – I doubt they would question a proposal at the end of the show as being “too soon.”
As the previews have showed us – Brad belly dances. You can be the judge as to how well he does but he should get maximum points for effort. And diehard Brad fans need not worry:  he breaks out his best V-necks (and cardigans) for the hometown dates to impress the parents. And did I read your Tweets correctly? People are dressing up in V-necks to be Brad for Halloween?
Join me as I tweet from the @bachelorCA account during the show and let me know how you think the hometown dates are going and I promise you all this – you’ll learn something surprising about at least one of the girls. And surprising can be a good thing!
I hope you’ll join me online tonight and let me know if you agree with Brad’s decisions!

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