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Bachelor Canada Week 6: The Worst Rose Ceremony Ever

Nov 8, 2012 at 10:37 AM Chime in now

Bachelor Canada spoilers


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Most. Awkward. Rose. Ceremony. Ever.
Even when Whitney gets a rose, she is still able to make things worse for the girl being sent home. She couldn’t wait two minutes to let Kara and Brad say goodbye? She just had to jump in there and leave Kara hanging around uncomfortably in the background. When she did that, I thought that she was going to give the rose back. But instead, she just wanted to tell Brad that something didn’t feel right. And that could not wait two minutes?
While Whitney isn’t the fan favourite, I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. After all, Brad really likes her and the physical chemistry between them is obvious; I figured there must be a lot that we aren’t seeing that seems to have Brad swooning. Then again, there’s a lot that we are seeing that isn’t winning us over – like the stunt she pulled tonight. But wait, how much did you just LOVE Brad for asking Whitney to apologize to Kara? That warmed my heart and showed how considerate he is.
Who would have guessed that Whitney and Bianka would make it to the final two? Brad has had to work a little to gain the trust of both of these girls and neither of them has let their guard down completely.
Both bachelorettes will meet Brad’s family and while Whitney gets a lot of flak, Bianka can be pretty forward as well. I could see both of them rubbing someone the wrong way depending on what they were being asked. Brad’s family is very, very, important to him. He uses his parents’ relationship as a benchmark for the kind of relationship he hopes to have and their comments are going to play a huge part in his final decision. It will be very interesting to see how the “meet the family” episode plays out. But you’ll have to wait for that! Next week…the women tell all! And, we can't reveal details yet, but Toronto residents should check out iVillage.ca and follow @iVillageCanada for info on a Final Rose Ceremony viewing party November 21 at the newly redesigned Quail & Firkin (@quailfirkin)!

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