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WATCH: For These Popular High School Kids, It Didn't Get Better

Feb 19, 2014 at 2:36 PM Chime in now

Let's take a moment to pray for the popular kids. The ones who peaked too early. The ones who made our lives hell, either through bullying or by personifying everything we felt we couldn't be. But where are they now?

A few years ago, columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage launched the 'It Gets Better Campaign', featuring video testimonials of adults who had survived the unique hell of high school bullying to lead fulfilling, happy lives lives.

In this hilarious video, filmmaker Jason Headley has put together a group of popular kid 'survivors', people who had their heyday in high school, and then it was over. Things never got better for them. And they send a message of warning for popular kids today. Enjoy it while it lasts. Peace.

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