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Divine Brown's 30-Day Fitness Challenge: Bikram Yoga for Mind, Body & Spirit

Nov 20, 2012 at 10:42 AM Chime in now

Divine Brown


Lately, my schedule has been inundated with workouts coupled with conscientious eating habits. It happens to be a part of what I do; I constantly find ways to challenge myself when it comes to exercise.
Currently I am doing a 30-day Bikram (hot) yoga challenge. I am halfway through it and I feel amazing! The physical changes, not to mention the mental and spiritual changes are unlike anything I have ever experienced thus far on my continuous journey of living a healthy lifestyle.
But that’s not to say I'm not the type of woman who enjoys a drink every now and then. My family during the holidays is a riot! It goes something like this: lots of food, lots of jokes and lots of libations.
But recently I had a dinner meeting with a friend, and I had two glasses of wine. Under normal circumstances that would have been nothing. But the next morning I woke up with the craziest hangover, as if I had gone on a drinking binge the night before. I felt like my brain was in a vice grip for the entire day! And it wasn't until I went to yoga that evening that the discombobulated feeling went completely away. Thank goodness for the small blessing of Bikram.
As I said, I have always been a very active woman. Trying new ways to be physical is a part of who I am, as I can get bored very quickly with routine workouts. As a result, I have had the misfortune of dislocating my left shoulder twice. Ouch, right? The first time it happened I was skiing in Vancouver with friends. The hill was a little too icy; I hit a bump and boom! Out popped the shoulder (that pain is something I would not wish on my worst enemy). The second time it happened was this year. Every summer I like to go rollerblading on the bike path by the Beaches in Toronto. It's one of my favorite hot weather pastimes. It was my first rollerblade outing in June when the nice weather kicked in. I had a seemingly light stumble, but out of the effort to avoid seriously scarring myself (I had a little too much skin exposed) I tried to break the fall with the wrong hand, and my shoulder subsequently popped out again. I was so upset because I knew that rollerblading was out of the question for the rest of the summer.
That’s where Bikram yoga came in. I had begun in late February this year, and was making amazing progress in the class, so I was disappointed thinking I’d have to stop. However, two days after I had the accident, I was in the hot room, sling and all! I needed to maintain some degree of activity while I recuperated, all the while working to the best of my abilities. Since continuing with yoga, I have 90 per cent of my range of motion back in my arm, and I can feel a lot of scar tissue breaking down as I continue with the practice. Plus, the two breathing exercises in the posture series in Bikram have profoundly strengthened my diaphragm and increased my lung capacity, which for a singer means more power and longer notes! 

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