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Lorde's Untouched Photos Remind Us to Embrace Our Flaws

Apr 1, 2014 at 12:51 PM Chime in now

Lorde's Untouched Photos Remind Us to Embrace Our Flaws


We knew Lorde was talented and incredibly nice, but she recently proved she’s also the most down-to-earth, relatable celebrity around by calling out retouched photos of her performing at a concert.
The singer-songwriter from New Zealand took to Twitter on Sunday to post two photos taken during Chile’s Lollapalooza festival. One showed her with visible blemishes on her face, while the other was digitally altered to hide her imperfections.
She tweeted:

Lorde is far from your average celebrity. She calls it like it is. In an interview with New Zealand’s Metro, she brought up Taylor Swift as an example of “flawless,” “unattainable” beauty, suggesting an absence of imperfections creates unrealistic expectations in young girls.
And while there’s no shortage of celebrity “no makeup selfies” on the web, Lorde took the now-sensationalized trend to another level two months ago when she posted an Instagram photo of her face covered in dots of acne medication. Most of us can definitely see ourselves in that image!
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