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LOOK: Rob Ford, Stephen Harper & Others Rock Pharrell's Mounties Hat

Jan 27, 2014 at 1:02 PM

The next big fashion trend: Hats

Getty Images

Love them or hate them, hats are about to be the next big thing in fashion. Literally, big. And the people you have to blame for the impending trend? Pharrell Williams and Madonna.

Last night at the Grammys, the duo donned ridiculously oversized headgear on the red carpet -- much to the chagrin, it would appear, of style watchers everywhere.

"Pharrell Williams' Grammys 2014 Hat Makes Him Look Like A Mountie," proclaimed a headline from The Huffington Post Canada. Madonna looks like the masked avenger 'The Shadow,' said People. The LA Times wryly posted of a "hat attack" taking over the awards show. Hilarious memes even ensued -- with Williams being compared to Smokey the Bear and the Arby's logo.

The whole while we at iVillage.ca were left wondering, "What's not to love about these hats?" Not only do they add a little extra oomph to both Williams's and Madonna's ensembles, they're also awesome accessories. (Way better than many of the fascinators we see on the Royals.) And given the tendency of these two to lead the way in sartorial trends -- Williams is a beloved source of style inspiration to designers and Madge is, well, Madge -- we have to say we're kind of coveting one of these hats for ourselves.

To prove our point, we've taken the two toppers worn by these powerhouses and added them to the heads of some other recent newsmakers. How can you not, after looking at this, believe the "hat is back?" Tweet us @iVillageCanada.

Ford Grammy Hat

Bieber Grammy Hat

Bobled Team Granny Hat

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