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Week In Review: Jimmy Kimmel On Gluten, Rihanna Schools Avril & Cara Delevingne's Met Gala Pic Breaks Instagram

May 8, 2014 at 10:37 AM Chime in now

Week In Review: Jimmy Kimmel On Gluten, Rihanna Schools Avril & Cara Delevingne'


This week was full of hot stars looking their best on the red carpet, some celebs posing awkwardly and a former Presidential "other woman" telling all. Take a peek at these links to get the scoop!

Even famous gals in floor-length gowns have to sit down and pee

As much as we all love looking at the red carpet photos of the annual Met Gala -- hello Cara Delevingne -- it’s behind the scenes where we truly see that “STARS, THEY’RE JUST LIKE US!” This collection of fancy trains on the floor of the WC made us all kinds of happy.

No one who’s gluten-free even knows what gluten is
Jimmy Kimmel’s at it again. This time the self-professed pizza lover (and so natural gluten-free diet hater) sent his crew out to see if all the non-Celiac afflicted dieters even know what they were giving up. Turns out... Nope.

Monica Lewinksy speaks!
It’s been almost two decades since Lewinsky became famous for her affair with then-president Bill Clinton. She’s finally telling all in an exclusive Vanity Fair article (available to digital subscribers May 8, on stands May 13). We’re sure it will be one part salacious gossip and one part actually getting to know the woman behind the biggest story of the '90s. Check it out, or you just might be the only one at the water cooler who doesn't know Mon's side of the story.

There are five little ways to make yourself happier
“Happiness is fleeting,” writes principal investigator of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab, Barbara Fredrickson. But these five ways hope to make those moments more often than not. Number 3: Learn what won’t make you happy -- positivity comes from within!

Rihanna is WAY cooler than Avril (Duh)
After the Avril Lavigne post-concert $400 arm’s-length photo debacle, Buzzfeed ever-so-cleverly compared that cringe-worthy photo set with some photos of Rihanna and her fans. Ri-Ri is hugging, vamping, letting people touch her famous breasts. And she looks like she’s having way more fun. Try not to laugh at the stark comparison.

Best spin class ever
If this was spin class all the time, we would go to spin class all the time. And we still wouldn’t be able to dance like that.

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