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WATCH: Jay-Z Meets Sweet Lady on Subway; Explains He's Kind of Famous

Dec 5, 2012 at 2:55 PM Chime in now


Of all the celebrities we'd love to randomly bump into on a subway, Jay Z has got to be towards the top of the list. Beyonce's hubby consistently seems like one of the coolest dudes around, and he recently proved that by adorably hanging out with an old woman who had no idea who he was while taking the train to his final Brooklyn performance. Watch the video here:


A video of the run-in has gone viral, and for good reason. Jay Z can be seen fending off fans and paparazzi as he tries to get into the subway car, and ends up sitting next to an old woman who says her name is Ellen. "Are you famous?" she asks him. He replies back in good spirits, "Yes, not very famous, you don't know me ... but I'll get there someday."

The two talk about how he opted to take the subway to the Barclays Center show instead of driving, and she tells him that she's "proud" of him for that decision. It was only at the end of the conversation, when Ellen asks Jay Z to repeat his name for her and he says, "Jay, Jay Z," that she realizes she's sitting next to one of the most famous names in the music business.

"Oh, you're Jay Z!" she says. "I know about Jay Z."

Maybe he is that famous after all.

The clip comes from the upcoming 24-minute documentary Where I'm From that tells the story of Jay Z's many performances in the Barclays Center in October. He's not the only one in his family telling his life for the camera, either. Beyonce has also filmed an HBO documentary that will air on Feb. 16. You can watch the trailer here.

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