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Katie Holmes Makes Fashion Week Debut! How'd She Do?

Sep 13, 2012 at 9:13 PM Chime in now


Katie Holmes is one step closer to fashion stardom. The actress-turned-fashion designer debuted her new Holmes & Yang collection on Wednesday morning at New York City's Fashion Week. Not all of the reviews are in, but judging from the reactions so far, we're about to see a lot of fashionistas lining up for Katie's clothes.

For her first Fashion Week show with stylist and co-designer Jeanne Yang, Katie opted out of the traditional runway and instead placed her 14 models on pedestals in the center of the tent. The show's upscale casual looks -- including cute cocktail dresses, slouchy jackets and some dramatic pieces like a maxi skirt and cape -- were characterized by sleek lines and sophisticated details. There was nothing fussy or over-the-top about the show, which kept things simple; the models wrote minimal makeup and no jewelry. (We're not sure that girly-girl Suri would have approved!) But judging from some early responses, Holmes & Yang hit all the right notes.

"Great separates at Holmes & Yang! Esp loved the navy motorcycle jacket," raved Glamour magazine editor Anne Christensen via Twitter. InStyle editor Ariel Foxman loved that look too, calling it "night-out ready." Foxman also showed Twitter love to a strappy black-and-white dress, saying, "Don't you want this dress in your wardrobe?" Meanwhile, British Vogue's tweeters had their eye on a particular "cute" quilted jacket.

Elsewhere on the web, The Times Fashion Editor Laura Craik praised Holmes' sense of style, calling the collection "edgier than expected." Elle magazine declared the clothes "chic," while Grazia said that some pieces were "worthy of the red carpet." The fashion website Modelinia wrote a rave review, saying that Katie "debuted Fashion Week with a bang." The L.A. Times liked it too, but thinks it's too early to declare Holmes & Yang the next big thing.

"There's no reason to think that the line won't continue to gain momentum now that Holmes has garnered so much goodwill with the public since her split with Cruise," writes an L.A. Times reviewer. "Could Holmes and Yang be the next Row, the line designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? Or the next Victoria Beckham? We'll see. First, Holmes and Yang have to show us more about what their particular brand of fashion is all about."

Overall, seems like Katie made a splash with her first big fashion show, which proved that she has great taste and doesn't shy away from taking risks. In a recent interview about Holmes & Yang, the actress said one of her career goals was not "being afraid to fail."

"Who cares? At least you tried," she told WWD. "It’s usually the people who haven’t tried who are the naysayers." 

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