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Jennifer Lopez's Ex to Release "Intimate" Home Videos

May 31, 2011 at 12:05 PM Chime in now

Jennifer Lopez, Ojani Noa

Getty Images

Ojani Noa wins the court battle to release racy footage of himself and J.Lo taken during their 11-month marriage

By DONNA KAUFMAN, iVillage.com

Jennifer Lopez is a classic American success story, an accomplished entertainer and a role model for potential American Idols - in other words, not the first person you'd expect to be hiding a sex tape.

In the past, she's been able to block her ex-husband Ojani Noa from releasing "intimate" home videos from their 11-month marriage in 1997. But despite the star's best attempts, a Los Angeles court ruled on Friday that Noa can legally release his videos of Lopez, Radar Online reports. Pretty soon, we may all be seeing more of Jennifer Lopez than we ever wanted to.

Then again - maybe not. For all the effort that Lopez's shady ex is making to release this video, it may not be as salacious as he claims. Lopez's lawyers have said that the alleged "sex tape" does not contain any actual sex. On the other hand, The National Enquirer claims to have seen 11 hours of Noa's home videos, and claims they contain partial nudity, "skimpy underwear" and a spanking scene.

Frankly, we're a little bit shocked that Lopez's ex is going to get away with releasing this footage, which was obviously intended to be private. It's especially surprising considering that Noa signed a confidentiality agreement with Lopez in 2002, after she hired and fired him from managing one of her restaurants. That confidentiality agreement has blocked Noa's previous schemes to cash in on his wife's fame, including a 2006 book and a 2009 documentary film. This time around, he got tricky: Noa sold the home videos to his current girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez, who will be marketing them on his behalf.

We feel for Lopez here. She was not yet 30 when she honeymooned with her first husband, and was only just achieving fame from the film Selena. Everyone does some stupid things when they fall in love, especially if they're still in their 20s! Now that she's married with young children, she's obviously moved past that part of her life. If only her ex had the decency to move past it, too.

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