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Halle Berry Calls Cops (Twice!) on Relentless Stalker

Jul 11, 2011 at 12:55 PM Chime in now

Halle Berry

Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

Easy, fella! The same man reportedly hopped the actress' wall and skulked about her property on both Saturday and Sunday


In a chilling moment right out of a horror film, Halle Berry looked out her kitchen window Sunday and saw a stranger staring back at her. But it wasn't a film. In fact, it was the second time this weekend that a stalker had scaled the privacy wall of the actress's property and lurked around her yard.

Berry first spotted the intruder on Saturday. She called the cops, but by the time the L.A.P.D. arrived, the man had scaled the wall and escaped. Yesterday's kitchen window sighting sent her back to the phone to call the police again. This time, they sent a helicopter to circle Berry's home for nearly half an hour, according to TMZ.

Berry noticed that the man appeared to be holding some sort of book, which is probably why the police have guessed that it's an obsessed fan looking for an autograph.

Another possibility - that the guy is a paparrazo - is less likely, according to a photo agency source interviewed by E! News. "There is absolutely no way it was a paparazzi," said the source. "The crew that works Halle are professional photographers. Halle, Gabriel (Aubry, her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy) and her current boyfriend (Olivier Martinez) all know those guys. They wouldn't do anything stupid like hop over the fence. If one of the paps hopped the fence, you'd be sure another pap would have shot him doing that, because they're so competitive."

Whoever it is, he's managed to scare the Oscar winner. And who wouldn't be spooked by living out a scene right out of Scream?

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