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Cougar Alert! Ke$ha Admits She Would Have Sex with Justin Bieber

Dec 3, 2012 at 11:35 AM Chime in now


After their recent breakup and possible reconcilation, no one is really sure about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's current relationship status. But thing is for sure: There are plenty of other ladies lining up to take Selena's place!

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, attention-loving pop star Ke$ha says that she would totally have sex with the teen heartthrob.

"Sure," the 25-year-old singer said when asked if she'd do the dirty with Biebs. "Wait, is he even legal? Could I go to jail for this?"

After being assured that the 18-year-old "Beauty and the Beat" singer is, in fact, of age, Ke$ha continued: "Okay, then I would. We could go out and buy lottery tickets, vote, play putt-putt golf. All the things that are legal at the age of 18."

We're not completely sure whether she's joking or not -- but hat sounds like a great first date to us!

This isn't the first time Ke$ha and Biebs have been linked, as a recent bizarre lawsuit claimed that he had cheated on Gomez with Ke$ha, Rihanna and even Penelope Cruz. When confronted about the strange story by E! News, Ke$ha insisted that she and Bieber had never done the deed.

"I have not, for the record, ever slept with Justin Bieber," she said a few weeks ago. "More than that, he has a girlfriend who is really, really hot, so I think he's sorted."

My how times have changed!

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