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8-Year-Old Akshat Singh Proves 'Chubby' Kids Can Dance On The Ellen Show

Feb 19, 2014 at 4:22 PM Chime in now

Akshat Singh from India's Got Talent gets a standing ovation on The Ellen Show


So you think you can dance? Ya, well, Akshat Singh has one-upped you. A current finalist on India's Got Talent, the eight-year-old recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and highlighted what he does best (maybe better than most adults): Busting a move, Bollywood styles.

Riding onto the set's stage on a toy motorcycle and dressed in an Indian police outfit, the wee man can be seen pausing, waiting for music to start then jumping into a crazy high-speed dance routine full of ridiculous moves (handstands, flips, splits). He, deservdedly, gets a standing ovation from the audience.

But behind all of Singh's smooth steps is a serious message. Much like the one Whitney Way Thore tried to make with her video 'Fat Girl Dancing,' Singh says he started to shake his tail as a way to show anyone can dance -- regardless of their size.

“I have gone to India’s Got Talent only to show my talent to whole India, that Motu [which means a chubby man/boy in Hindi slang] can also dance,” he breathlessly told Ellen after his performance.

It's a pretty sweet yet poignant message for an eight-year-old to make. Take a look at the original clip from The Ellen Show below. This boy can dance, non!?

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