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Baby Polar Bear's First Steps Captured on Camera, Melts Our Frozen Hearts

Jan 9, 2014 at 12:36 PM Chime in now

Toronto Zoo baby polar bear takes first steps


The Toronto Zoo’s newest male polar bear cub is cuter than a Coke ad, and he just took his first steps. Who knew baby polar bears could be this cute in real life? We just melted!

The cub was born on November 9 of last year, along with two siblings who died after birth, making his progress even better news for the Zoo.

Aside from his newfound ability to stand on all four legs, he is also teething, he is growing whiskers, and his eyes have been open for 35 days.


The Toronto Zoo says there is more cuteness to come, so check back to their Facebook page for new videos of the little cub! What other cute animal videos have you seen this week? Share them with us at @iVillageCanada.

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