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Jan 1, 2014 at 12:29 PM

Win A Soda Stream Prize Pack

This year, we're saying "goodbye" to resolutions and saying "hello" to health and happiness. During the month of January, W Dish will be sharing stories that will get you inspired to feel good about yourself. We want you to forget about what "needs" to change and resolve to be a better you—it's a No Fail New Year!

In that spirit, W Dish has teamed up with SodaStream to give you a prize pack that makes us feel all fizzy inside. Instead of saying no to that bottle of soda, we are are saying "hey girl" to a carbonated bevy that we can make in the comfort of our own homes—it's an epic food swap that will help us kick butt in 2016.

Visit us every day, from now until January 29, 2016 at 12 p.m. EST, and enter for a chance to win a prize pack that consists of the following:

Three (3) 1L Fuse Stainless Steel Carbonating Bottles
Two (2) 500mL Fuse Stainless Steel Carbonating Bottles  
One (1) Grey Waterfall Carafe
Two (2) Ice Stick Trays
Four (4) Bottle Coolers
One (1) Sparkling Gourmet Blackcurrant Lime
One (1) Sparkling Gourmet Lime Basil
One (1) Sparkling Gourmet Green Apple Cucumber

Enter the contest here.