The Daily Show with Jon Stewart went to town on Toronto mayor Rob Ford Monday night. And we're so proud. And so embarrassed.

In his opening monologue, Stewart took aim at the police discovery of a video allegedly showing Mayor Ford consorting with known criminals, smoking crack, and making racist and homophobic remarks.

Stewart joked that in Canada, “that’s referred to as a hat trick.

He then went on to mock the mayor's radio appearance (Sunday on Newstalk 1010), where he apologized for getting "hammered" at a street festiva, pledging no more public drunkenness.

Do you realise that "from now on I'm just going to get f*&!ed up at home," said Stewart, "may not be the answer to your substance abuse problems or your job as the guy who runs Toronto?"
For fans of Stewart and citizens of Toronto, there was a bit of cognitive dissonance in Monday night's show. Excitement at being talked about on the award-winning satirical news show, and gratitude for perfectly distilling what's on the minds of Ford critics. But also a healthy dose of embarrassment that our city is helmed by a scandal-ridden mayor who openly describes 'getting hammered'.

UPDATE: Tuesday, Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack "probably in one of my drunken stupors". Until today, the mayor has denied ever taking the drug. Classy.

Let's add a couple Twitter reactions if you will:

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